Battery for Paslode 900400,900420,900421,900600,901000,902000, B20270, IM200F18, IM200-F18, IM250, IM250A, IM250-A (2100mAh)

Brand: Cameron Sino

Product Code: CS-PSM250PW_1

Availability:In stock

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Battery Specification:

  • Capacity: 2100mAh/12.6Wh
  • Type: Ni-MH
  • Voltage: 6
  • Dimension: 135.25 x 49.66 x 33.10mm


  • 12 months manufacturer warranty
  • 100% Compatible with original manufacturer equipment including chargers
  • No memory effect, you can charge the battery at anytime
  • Battery can be charged more than 500 times
  • With CE, ISO9001 and RoHS certification

Compatible Fit Model:


900400, 900420, 900421, 900600, 901000, 902000, B20270, IM200F18, IM200-F18, IM250, IM250A, IM250-A, IM250A-F16, IM250-F1611, IM250S, IM300, IM325, IM325/80 CTQ, IM-350, IM350A, IM350ct, IM50 F18, IM65 F16, IM65A, IM65A F16, IM65A-F16, IMCT

Compatible Part Number:


404400, 404717, BCPAS-404717, BCPAS-404717HC