Battery for MSI A5000, A6005, A7200, CR500, CR600, CR600-001US, CR600-013US, CR600-017US, CR600-234US, CR610 (4400mAh)

Brand: Cameron Sino

Product Code: CS-MSR620NB_1

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Battery Specification:

  • Capacity: 4400mAh
  • Type: Li-ion
  • Voltage: 11.1
  • Dimension: 163.78 x 88.00 x 23.85mm



  • 12 months warranty
  • 100% Compatible with original manufacturer equipment including chargers
  • No memory effect, you can charge the battery at anytime
  • Battery can be charged more than 500 times
  • With CE, ISO9001 and RoHS certification


Compatible Fit Model:


A5000, A6005, A7200, CR500, CR600, CR600-001US, CR600-013US, CR600-017US, CR600-234US, CR610, CR610 C61M32-HDSB, CR610 MS-3801, CR610 MS-6890, CR610 MS-6891, CR610-001NL, CR610-003HU, CR610-005, CR610-006, CR610-006NE, CR610-007PL, CR610-009PL, CR610-011IT, CR610-013, CR610-013UK, CR610-016UK, CR610-026XCZ, CR610-027XSK, CR610-028X, CR610-028XHU, CR610-031LRU, CR610-033, CR610-050BE, CR610-051, CR610-058PL, CR610-059PL, CR610-060XPL, CR610-061XPL, CR610-062NL, CR610-063BE, CR610-070X, CR610-070XEU, CR610-075AR, CR610-081XHU, CR610-091XBL, CR610-092XAR, CR610-097RU, CR610-0W1XBL, CR610-0W2XEU, CR610-M1005Q, CR610-M1023W7P, CR610-M1025W7P, CR610-M1226W7P, CR610-M320, CR610-M3243W7P, CR620, CR630-002XUA, CR630-009, CR630-010, CR630-010X, CR630-015CZ, CR630-018NL, CR630-020NE, CR630-022XIT, CR630-024XCZ, CR630-025XHU, CR630-034X, CR630-042PL, CR630-043XPL, CR630-044PL, CR630-056, CR630-088XYU, CR630-Blu-Ray, CR630-P3443W7P, CR630-V1216FD, CR630-V1225FD, CR630-V1225W7P, CR700, CR700 MS-1734, CR700-012US, CR700-013NL, CR700-017CA, CR700-024, CR700-034, CR700-038PL, CR700-047US, CR700-060X, CR700-063X, CR700-068XEU, CR700-070XSK, CR700-071XHU, CR700-075, CR700-085FR, CR700-099NL, CR700-200BE, CR700-202XEU, CR700-204BE, CR700-205NE, CR700-206RU, CR700-211, CR700-211FR, CR700-220XCZ, CR700-221XSK, CR700-2226, CR700-223L, CR700-223LRU, CR700-231, CR700-T3035FD, CR700-T6600, CR700X-029EU, CX500, CX500-004RU, CX500-006, CX500-010TR, CX500-016RU, CX500-026L, CX500-034, CX500-037LRU, CX500-296BE, CX500-299, CX500-299XEU, CX500-402XHU, CX500-403XBL, CX500-404X, CX500-406TR, CX500-408IT, CX500-414, CX500-414IT, CX500-416XEU, CX500-419XHU, CX500-427LUA, CX500-428LUA, CX500-429LUA, CX500-430LUA, CX500-431UA, CX500-432UA, CX500-441XCN, CX500-444NL, CX500-457, CX500-457RU, CX500-472, CX500-472RU, CX500-476L, CX500-490L, CX500-492, CX500-497, CX500-498, CX500-498RU, CX500-499BE, CX500-604XBL, CX500-605XEU, CX500-607SK, CX500-DX-638SK, CX500-DX-639XEU, CX500-T4543W7P, CX500-T6602G50SX, CX500-T6648W7P, CX600, CX600-049US, CX600-064UK, CX-600-T4343W7P, CX605, CX610-050BE, CX620, CX620-008XEU, CX620-013XEU, CX620-019NE, CX620-035AU, CX620-061, CX620-223BE, CX620MX, CX620X, CX623, CX623-005NL, CX623-006BE, CX623-007NE, CX623-01, CX623-014XEU, CX623-015CZ, CX623-017XHU, CX623-018XBL, CX623-019X, CX623-019XEU, CX623-02, CX623-020CZ, CX623-021SK, CX623-022XHU, CX623-023NL, CX623-025, CX623-025NE, CX623-028BL, CX623-033, CX623-033FR, CX623-034IT, CX623-043, CX623-048XUA, CX623-049NL, CX623-051NE, CX623-052CZ, CX623-054XEU, CX623-055XHU, CX623-056, CX623-058XBY, CX623-073CZ, CX623-076XHU, CX623-079PL, CX623-079XPL, CX623-081NL, CX623-084NL, CX623-085BE, CX623-087X, CX623-087XEU, CX623-088X, CX623-088XHU, CX623-096UK, CX623-168A, CX623-201, CX623-219, CX623-AS, CX623-i3743W7P, CX623-i5443, CX623-i5443W7P, CX623-i5647W7P, CX623-P6033W7P, CX700, MS-1681, MS-1683, MS-1734, MS-1736, MSI A6000, MSI A6200


Compatible Part Number:


91NMS17LD4SU1, 91NMS17LF6SU1, 957-173XXP-101, 957-173XXP-102, BTY-L74, BTY-L75, MS-1682, S9N-2062210-M47