Battery for Fujitsu Lifebook B2154, C1010, C1020, C1110, C2364, C6135, E2000, E4010

Brand: Cameron Sino

Product Code: CS-DED610BU_3

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Battery Specification:

  • Capacity: 200mAh / 0.60Wh
  • Type: Li-ion
  • Voltage: 3
  • Dimension: 26.25 x 20.12 x 4.60mm



  • 12 months warranty
  • 100% Compatible with original manufacturer equipment including chargers
  • No memory effect, you can charge the battery at anytime
  • Battery can be charged more than 500 times
  • With CE, ISO9001 and RoHS certification


Compatible Fit Model:


Lifebook B2154, LifeBook C1010, LifeBook C1020, Lifebook C1110, Lifebook C2364, Lifebook C6135, Lifebook E2000, Lifebook E4010, Lifebook E4010D, Lifebook E6355, Lifebook E6540, Lifebook E6560, Lifebook E6570, Lifebook E6575, Lifebook E6595, Lifebook E6624, Lifebook E7010, Lifebook E7110, Lifebook E8010, Lifebook E8010D, Lifebook E8210, LifeBook N3510, LifeBook N3511, LifeBook N3530, LifeBook P3110, LifeBook P7230, Lifebook S2020, Lifebook S2110, Lifebook S6010, Lifebook S6120, Lifebook S6210, LifeBook S7010, Lifebook S7020, Lifebook S7020D, Lifebook S7025, Lifebook S7110, LifeBook S7220, Lifebook T4010


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