Battery for Compaq Avilion ZE5634US-DU916U, OmniBook XE4, XE4000, XE4100, XE4100-F4641HC

$77.95 $72.80
Unit price

Battery Specification:

  • Capacity: 4400mAh
  • Type: Li-ion
  • Voltage: 14.8
  • Dimension: 134.40 x 95.00 x 21.80mm



  • 12 months warranty
  • 100% Compatible with original manufacturer equipment including chargers
  • No memory effect, you can charge the battery at anytime
  • Battery can be charged more than 500 times
  • With CE, ISO9001 and RoHS certification


Compatible Fit Model:


Avilion ZE5634US-DU916U, OmniBook XE4, Omnibook XE4000, OmniBook XE4100, OmniBook XE4100-F4641HC, OmniBook XE4100-F4641HT, OmniBook XE4100-F4641JC, OmniBook XE4100-F4641JG, OmniBook XE4100-F4641JT, OmniBook XE4100-F4642H, OmniBook XE4100-F4642HC, OmniBook XE4100-F4642HG, OmniBook XE4100-F4642HT, OmniBook XE4100-F4642J, OmniBook XE4100-F4642JC, OmniBook XE4100-F4642JG, OmniBook XE4100-F4642JT, OmniBook XE4100-F4643H, OmniBook XE4100-F4643HC, OmniBook XE4100-F4643HG, OmniBook XE4100-F4643J, OmniBook XE4100-F4643JC, OmniBook XE4100-F4643JG, OmniBook XE4100-F4643JT, OmniBook XE4100-F4644HC, OmniBook XE4100-F4644HG, OmniBook XE4100-F4644HT, OmniBook XE4100-F4644J, OmniBook XE4100-F4644JC, OmniBook XE4100-F4644JG, OmniBook XE4100-F4644JT, OmniBook XE4100-F4646J, OmniBook XE4100-F4647H, OmniBook XE4100-F4647J, OmniBook XE4100-F4648J, OmniBook XE4100-F4649H, OmniBook XE4100-F4650HG, OmniBook XE4100-F4650HT, OmniBook XE4100-F4650JG, OmniBook XE4100-F4650JT, OmniBook XE4100-F4651HT, OmniBook XE4100-F4651J, OmniBook XE4100-F4652H, OmniBook XE4100-F4652HT, OmniBook XE4100-F4652J, OmniBook XE4100-F4652JT, OmniBook XE4100-F5624JS, OmniBook XE4100-F5642HS, OmniBook XE4100-F6752JS, OmniBook XE4400, OmniBook XE4400-F4636AV, OmniBook XE4400-F4665H, OmniBook XE4400-F4666H, OmniBook XE4400-F4666HG, OmniBook XE4400-F4666J, OmniBook XE4400-F4667H, OmniBook XE4400-F4667HC, OmniBook XE4400-F4667J, OmniBook XE4400-F4667JC, OmniBook XE4400-F4670H, OmniBook XE4400-F4670HG, OmniBook XE4400-F4670HR, OmniBook XE4400-F4670HT, OmniBook XE4400-F4670JG, OmniBook XE4400-F4670JT, OmniBook XE4400-F4671HG, OmniBook XE4400-F4671HS, OmniBook XE4400-F4671HT, OmniBook XE4400-F4671J, OmniBook XE4400-F4671JG, OmniBook XE4400-F4671JT, OmniBook XE4400-F4673H, OmniBook XE4400-F4673J, OmniBook XE4400-F4674H, OmniBook XE4400-F4674J, OmniBook XE4400-F4675H, OmniBook XE4400-F5815HS, OmniBook XE4500, OmniBook XE4500-F4869H, OmniBook XE4500-F4869HC, OmniBook XE4500-F4869HG, OmniBook XE4500-F4869J, OmniBook XE4500-F4869JC, OmniBook XE4500-F4869JG, OmniBook XE4500-F4869JT, OmniBook XE4500-F4870H, OmniBook XE4500-F4870HC, OmniBook XE4500-F4870HG, OmniBook XE4500-F4870J, OmniBook XE4500-F4870JC, OmniBook XE4500-F4870JG, OmniBook XE4500-F4870JT, OmniBook XE4500-F4871H, OmniBook XE4500-F4871HC, OmniBook XE4500-F4871HG, OmniBook XE4500-F4871J, OmniBook XE4500-F4871JC, OmniBook XE4500-F4871JT, OmniBook XE4500-F4872H, OmniBook XE4500-F4872HC, OmniBook XE4500-F4872HG, OmniBook XE4500-F4872JC, OmniBook XE4500-F4872JG, OmniBook XE4500-F4873HC, OmniBook XE4500-F4873HG, OmniBook XE4500-F4873JC, OmniBook XE4500-F4873JG, OmniBook XE4500-F4874H, OmniBook XE4500-F4874HC, OmniBook XE4500-F4874HG, OmniBook XE4500-F4874J, OmniBook XE4500-F4874JC, OmniBook XE4500-F4874JG, OmniBook XE4500-F4874JT, OmniBook XE4500-F4875H, OmniBook XE4500-F4875HG, OmniBook XE4500-F4875J, OmniBook XE4500-F4875JT, OmniBook XE4500-F4876H, OmniBook XE4500-F4876J, OmniBook XE4500-F4876JT, OmniBook XE4500-F4877H, OmniBook XE4500-F4878H, OmniBook XE4500-F4879J, OmniBook XE4500-F4879JT, OmniBook XE4500-F4880H, OmniBook XE4500-F4880HG, OmniBook XE4500-F4880HR, OmniBook XE4500-F4880HT, OmniBook XE4500-F4880JG, OmniBook XE4500-F4881HG, OmniBook XE4500-F4881HT, OmniBook XE4500-F4881JT, OmniBook XE4500-F4882J, OmniBook XE4500-F4884J, OmniBook XE4500-F4885H, OmniBook XE4500-F4885J, OmniBook XE4500-F4886H, OmniBook XE4500-F4886J, OmniBook XE4500-F4887H, OmniBook XE4500-F4887J, OmniBook XE4500-F4887JT, OmniBook XE4500-F4888J, OmniBook XE4500-F4889HT, OmniBook XE4500-F4889J, OmniBook XE4500-F4889JT, OmniBook XE4500-F4890H, OmniBook XE4500-F4890J, OmniBook XE4500-F4890JT, OmniBook XE4500-F5829HS, OmniBook XE4500-F6148J, OmniBook XE4500s, OmniBook XE4500s-F4867HC, OmniBook XE4500s-F4867HG, OmniBook XE4500s-F4867J, OmniBook XE4500s-F4867JC, OmniBook XE4500s-F4867JT, OmniBook XE4500s-F4868H, OmniBook XE4500s-F4868HG, OmniBook XE4500s-F4868J, OmniBook XE4500s-F4868JG, OmniBook XE4500s-F4883H, OmniBook XE4500s-F4883J, 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ZE4907WM-B-PM039UAR, Pavilion ZE4908EA-PJ944EA, Pavilion ZE4908US-PM041UA, Pavilion ZE4908US-PM041UAR, Pavilion ZE4910EA-PJ911EA, Pavilion ZE4910LA-PN958LA, Pavilion ZE4910US-M033UA, Pavilion ZE4910US-PM033UAR, Pavilion ZE4911EA-PJ933EA, Pavilion ZE4911US-PN586UA, Pavilion ZE4911US-PN586UAR, Pavilion ZE4913EA-PJ937EA, Pavilion ZE4914EA-PJ918EA, Pavilion ZE4916EA-PJ935EA, Pavilion ZE4917EA-PJ942EA, Pavilion ZE4919CL-PM037UA, Pavilion ZE4919CL-PM037UAR, Pavilion ZE4920LA-PN960LA, Pavilion ZE4921EA-PJ916EA, Pavilion ZE4922EA-PN616EA, Pavilion ZE4923EA-PJ948EA, Pavilion ZE4925EA-PN617EA, Pavilion ZE4926EA-PJ941EA, Pavilion ZE4926EA-PN615EA, Pavilion ZE4927EA-PJ922EA, Pavilion ZE4927EA-PJ928EA, Pavilion ZE4928EA-PJ921EA, Pavilion ZE4929EA-PJ930EA, Pavilion ZE4930EA-PJ910EA, Pavilion ZE4930EA-PJ932EA, Pavilion ZE4930LA-PN957LA, Pavilion ZE4930US-PR299UA, Pavilion ZE4930US-PR299UAR, Pavilion ZE4931EA-PJ917EA, Pavilion ZE4931EA-PJ929EA, Pavilion ZE4932EA-PN620EA, Pavilion ZE4933EA-PJ925EA, Pavilion ZE4933US-PR301UA, Pavilion ZE4933US-PR301UAR, Pavilion ZE4934EA-PJ940EA, Pavilion ZE4935WM-PR300UA, Pavilion ZE4936EA-PN624EA, Pavilion ZE4937EA-PQ838EA, Pavilion ZE4939EA-PJ780EA, Pavilion ZE4940EA-PJ913EA, Pavilion ZE4940LA-PN959LA, Pavilion ZE4941EA-PJ949EA, Pavilion ZE4941US-PR297UA, Pavilion ZE4941US-PR297UAR, Pavilion ZE4942EA-PQ840EA, Pavilion ZE4942US-PR298UA, Pavilion ZE4942US-PR298UAR, Pavilion ZE4943EA-PQ839EA, Pavilion ZE4944EA-PJ945EA, Pavilion ZE4945EA-PQ841EA, Pavilion ZE4946EA-PQ843EA, Pavilion ZE4947EA-PQ844EA, Pavilion ZE4947WM-B-PM040UA, Pavilion ZE4947WM-B-PM040UAR, Pavilion ZE4948EA-PN622EA, Pavilion ZE4949EA-PN619EA, Pavilion ZE4949US-PR302UA, Pavilion ZE4949US-PR302UAR, Pavilion ZE4951EA-PN618EA, Pavilion ZE4952EA-PQ846EA, Pavilion ZE4953EA-PT486EA, Pavilion ZE4954EA-PT488EA, Pavilion ZE4956EA-PT487EA, Pavilion ZE4957EA-PS640EA, Pavilion ZE4961EA-PQ845EA, Pavilion ZE4962EA-PS643EA, Pavilion ZE5, Pavilion ZE5000, Pavilion ZE5000S-F4637AV, Pavilion ZE5000S-F5314AV, Pavilion ZE5100, Pavilion ZE5155, Pavilion ZE5155-F4683H, Pavilion ZE5160-F6155H, Pavilion ZE5165, Pavilion ZE5165-F6156H, Pavilion ZE5170, Pavilion ZE5170-F4680H, Pavilion ZE5170-F4680HR, Pavilion ZE5185, Pavilion ZE5185-F4684H, Pavilion ZE5190, Pavilion ZE5200, Pavilion ZE5200-DA732AV, Pavilion ZE5207, Pavilion ZE5217, Pavilion ZE5217-DC605A, Pavilion ZE5228, Pavilion ZE5228-DE864A, Pavilion ZE5232, Pavilion ZE5232-DC752A, Pavilion ZE5232-DE256A, Pavilion ZE5236-DB399A, Pavilion ZE5238-DB679A, Pavilion ZE5238-DC674A, Pavilion ZE5238-DD679A, Pavilion ZE5240, Pavilion ZE5240-DC671A, Pavilion ZE5242, Pavilion ZE5242-DC714A, Pavilion ZE5244, Pavilion ZE5244-DC820A, Pavilion ZE5250, Pavilion ZE5250-DB395A, Pavilion ZE5250-DB395AR, Pavilion ZE5252, Pavilion ZE5252-DC818A, Pavilion ZE5258, Pavilion ZE5258-DD659A, Pavilion ZE5262-DC819A, Pavilion ZE5270, Pavilion ZE5270-DB396A, Pavilion ZE5279, Pavilion ZE5279-DC673A, Pavilion ZE5279-DC673AR, Pavilion ZE5300, Pavilion ZE5300-DC945AV, Pavilion ZE5310, Pavilion ZE5315, Pavilion ZE5315EA -DK774A, Pavilion ZE5320EA-DF860A, Pavilion ZE5325, Pavilion ZE5325EA-DG636A, Pavilion ZE5330, Pavilion ZE5340, Pavilion ZE5343, Pavilion ZE5343EA-DG067A, Pavilion ZE5344, Pavilion ZE5344EA-DG230A, Pavilion ZE5345, Pavilion ZE5345EA-DG068A, Pavilion ZE5345US-DC967A, Pavilion ZE5350, Pavilion ZE5354, Pavilion ZE5357, Pavilion ZE5357LA-DF568A, Pavilion ZE5360, Pavilion ZE5360EA-DG917A, Pavilion ZE5362, Pavilion ZE5362EA-DG069A, Pavilion ZE5365, Pavilion ZE5365US-DC968A, Pavilion ZE5365US-DC968AR, Pavilion ZE5370, Pavilion ZE5375US-DC964A, Pavilion ZE5380, Pavilion ZE5385, Pavilion ZE5385CA-DF862A, Pavilion ZE5385CA-DF862AR, Pavilion ZE5385US-DC965A, Pavilion ZE5385US-DC965AR, Pavilion ZE5390, Pavilion ZE5395, Pavilion ZE5395US, Pavilion ZE5395US-DF809A, Pavilion ZE5400, Pavilion ZE5400-DL683AV, Pavilion ZE5407, Pavilion ZE5407LA-DL808A, Pavilion ZE5410, Pavilion ZE5410AP-DN652A, Pavilion ZE5413, Pavilion ZE5413EA-DM947A, Pavilion ZE5414, Pavilion ZE5414EA-DM670A, Pavilion ZE5415, Pavilion ZE5415AP-DQ539A, Pavilion ZE5415EA-DM417A, Pavilion ZE5416, Pavilion ZE5416EA-DM948A, Pavilion ZE5417LA-DL807A, Pavilion ZE5418, Pavilion ZE5418EA-DM949A, Pavilion ZE5420, Pavilion ZE5425, Pavilion ZE5425EA-DM419A, Pavilion ZE5426EA-DM950A, Pavilion ZE5427, Pavilion ZE5427LA-DL806A, Pavilion ZE5430, Pavilion ZE5440EA-DN653A, Pavilion ZE5443, Pavilion ZE5443EA-DN838A, Pavilion ZE5445, Pavilion ZE5446, Pavilion ZE5446EA-DM422A, Pavilion ZE5447, Pavilion ZE5447LA-DR203A, Pavilion ZE5450, Pavilion ZE5451, Pavilion ZE5457LA-DL805A, Pavilion ZE5460, Pavilion ZE5460EA-DN654A, Pavilion ZE5460US-DN837A, Pavilion ZE5462, Pavilion ZE5462EA-DM423A, Pavilion ZE5467, Pavilion ZE5467LA-DL804A, Pavilion ZE5468, Pavilion ZE5468CL-DK566A, Pavilion ZE5468CL-DK566AR, Pavilion ZE5470, Pavilion ZE5470US-DK564A, Pavilion ZE5470US-DK564AR, Pavilion ZE5475, Pavilion ZE5475CA-DL404A, Pavilion ZE5475CA-DL404AR, Pavilion ZE5477, Pavilion ZE5477LA-DL405A, Pavilion ZE5478, Pavilion ZE5478CL, Pavilion ZE5478CL-DK567A, Pavilion ZE5478CL-DK567AR, Pavilion ZE5490, Pavilion ZE5490US, Pavilion ZE5490US-DK565A, Pavilion ZE5497LA-DV426L, Pavilion ZE5500, Pavilion ZE5500-DM368AV, Pavilion ZE5501, Pavilion ZE5501US-DP471U, Pavilion ZE5504, Pavilion ZE5504EA-DP857E, Pavilion ZE5505, Pavilion ZE5505EA-DP854E, Pavilion ZE5506EA-DP865E, Pavilion ZE5507EA-DP867E, Pavilion ZE5510AP-DR220A, Pavilion ZE5510EA-DP855E, Pavilion ZE5511EA-DP869E, Pavilion ZE5512, Pavilion ZE5512AP-DR222A, Pavilion ZE5512EA, Pavilion ZE5512EA-DP864E, Pavilion ZE5513, Pavilion ZE5514AP-DR486A, Pavilion ZE5515, Pavilion ZE5515AP-DR487A, Pavilion ZE5515EA-DP853E, Pavilion ZE5516, Pavilion ZE5516AP-DR488A, Pavilion ZE5516EA-DP860E, Pavilion ZE5517, Pavilion ZE5517AP-DR922A, Pavilion ZE5517EA-DP862E, Pavilion ZE5518, Pavilion ZE5518AP-DT567A, Pavilion ZE5519, Pavilion ZE5519AP-DT568A, Pavilion ZE5519EA-DS745E, Pavilion ZE5520, Pavilion ZE5520AP-DV637AA, Pavilion 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Pavilion ZE5568QV-DP472U, Pavilion ZE5570, Pavilion ZE5570US-DM767A, Pavilion ZE5575, Pavilion ZE5575SR-DM768A, Pavilion ZE5580, Pavilion ZE5580US-DM766A, Pavilion ZE5587, Pavilion ZE5587LA-DR202A, Pavilion ZE5590, Pavilion ZE5590US-DP470U, Pavilion ZE5600, Pavilion ZE5600-DP661AV, Pavilion ZE5600-DR093AV, Pavilion ZE5601, Pavilion ZE5601EA-DY639E, Pavilion ZE5602AP-DW956P, Pavilion ZE5602EA-DY636E, Pavilion ZE5602US-DU915U, Pavilion ZE5602US-DU915UR, Pavilion ZE5603, Pavilion ZE5603AP-DW957P, Pavilion ZE5603EA-DX714E, Pavilion ZE5603US-DU917U, Pavilion ZE5604AP-DW958P, Pavilion ZE5604EA, Pavilion ZE5604EA-DV249E, Pavilion ZE5604EA-PA353EA, Pavilion ZE5604EA-PB825EA, Pavilion ZE5604EA-PB826EA, Pavilion ZE5604RS-DW396UR, Pavilion ZE5605, Pavilion ZE5605EA-PA345E, Pavilion ZE5605SR-DU918U, Pavilion ZE5607, Pavilion ZE5607AP-DW961PA, Pavilion ZE5607EA-DX710E, Pavilion ZE5607WM-B-DW777A, Pavilion ZE5607WM-DS541U, Pavilion ZE5607WM-DS541UR, Pavilion ZE5608, Pavilion ZE5608AP-DW962P, Pavilion ZE5609, Pavilion ZE5609AP-DW963P Pavil, Pavilion ZE5609EA-DX711E, Pavilion ZE5609EA-PA352EA, Pavilion ZE5610, Pavilion ZE5610AP-DW964P, Pavilion ZE5610CA-DU914U, Pavilion ZE5610CA-DU914UR, Pavilion ZE5610EA-DV257E, Pavilion ZE5611, Pavilion ZE5611AP-DW965P, Pavilion ZE5611EA-DX712E, Pavilion ZE5612, Pavilion ZE5612AP-DW966P, Pavilion ZE5612EA-DX717E, Pavilion ZE5613AP-DW967P, Pavilion ZE5613EA-DX718E, Pavilion ZE5614, Pavilion ZE5614AP-DW968P, Pavilion ZE5614EA-DV251E, Pavilion ZE5615, Pavilion ZE5615AP-DW969P, Pavilion ZE5615CA-DW398U, Pavilion ZE5615CA-DW398UR, Pavilion ZE5615EA-DV250E, Pavilion ZE5615SR-B-DW778A, Pavilion ZE5615SR-DS538U, Pavilion ZE5615SR-DS538UR, Pavilion ZE5616, Pavilion ZE5616AP-DW970P, Pavilion ZE5617, Pavilion ZE5617AP-DW971PA, Pavilion ZE5617EA-DX716E, Pavilion ZE5617WM-B-DW776A, Pavilion ZE5618, Pavilion ZE5618AP-DW972PA, Pavilion ZE5618EA-DX719E, Pavilion ZE5619, Pavilion ZE5620EA-DY634E, Pavilion ZE5620US-DS540U, Pavilion ZE5620US-DS540UR, Pavilion ZE5622, Pavilion ZE5622EA-DY640E, Pavilion ZE5623, Pavilion ZE5623EA-DV256E, Pavilion ZE5624, Pavilion ZE5624EA-DX715E, Pavilion ZE5626EA-DY642E, Pavilion ZE5630US-DW399U, Pavilion ZE5630US-DW399UR, Pavilion ZE5631EA-DV252E, Pavilion ZE5635, Pavilion ZE5635EA-DV248E, Pavilion ZE5636, Pavilion ZE5636EA-DY641E, Pavilion ZE5637, Pavilion ZE5637LA-DV765L, Pavilion ZE5638, Pavilion ZE5638EA-DY643E, Pavilion ZE5640, Pavilion ZE5640EA-DY637E, Pavilion ZE5644EA-PA347E, Pavilion ZE5645EA-DV255E, Pavilion ZE5647, Pavilion ZE5650EA-PA348E, Pavilion ZE5700, Pavilion ZE5700-PA728AV, Pavilion ZE5700-PA729AV, Pavilion ZE5701US-DZ362UR, Pavilion ZE5702EA-PB822EA, Pavilion ZE5705EA-PB824EA, Pavilion ZE5706EA-PB827EA, Pavilion ZE5715CA-PK128UA, Pavilion ZE5715CA-PK128UAR, Pavilion ZE5715EA-PB828EA, Pavilion ZE5730EA-PA354EA, Pavilion ZE5730US-DZ361U, Pavilion ZE5730US-DZ361UR, Pavilion ZE5731US-DZ366U, Pavilion ZE5731US-DZ366UR, Pavilion ZE5732QV-DZ367U, Pavilion ZE5732QV-DZ367UR, Pavilion ZE5737, Pavilion ZE5738RS-DZ364U, Pavilion ZE5738RS-DZ364UR, Pavilion ZE5739CL-DZ368U, Pavilion ZE5739CL-DZ368UR, Pavilion ZE5740EA-PB821EA, Pavilion ZE5749CL-PF194U, Pavilion ZE5749CL-PF194UR, Pavilion ZEPavilion XT4345


Compatible Part Number:


319411-001, 361742-001, F4809A

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Your product will be shipped directly either from our U.S. warehouse or Hong Kong warehouse. International shipping is currently available.
For any problems about shipping, please send email to We will provide special shipping solution depends on your country and quantity of battery you need.


Delivery Options

All U.S. purchases are shipped with standard US Postal Service delivery option.
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Shipping fee depends on the country you want to ship and total weight of battery you ordered. Free shipping is available for all orders above $199.


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Q: How long for my order to arrive?

Most orders will be processed within 1-2 business days. Delivery time usually ranges from 5-10 business days. Some countries may take longer. You can find more information about our shipping policy at


Q: What countries can I ship to? How about the shipping rate?

wikiBattery provides worldwide shipment for all battery product.

You can find more information about shipping at


Q: What payment methods are accepted?

We currently accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal.


Q: What is the wikiBattery return policy?

We accept any unconditional return within 14 days and 7 Days Dead on Arrival (DOA) Guarantee. You can find more information about our shipping policy at


Q: I am not living in U.S.. Is your return policy still applies to me?

Sure!! We provide 7 days DOA guarantee and 14 days unconditional return for all countries. You can find more information about our shipping policy at


Q: How can I check my order status?

You can sign in here to check your order:

Also, we will send notification emails to you once your order has been shipped.


 Q: How can I find the right battery for my model?

You can search the model name or model number on the search bar of to find out the suitable battery. For some cases, you may need to check/search the part number of your original battery.

If you are not sure which battery fits your model, please tell us by email to

We are glad to help you to find the compatible one.


Q: Why my new battery cannot hold a charge?

For safety reason, we will ship the battery in a discharged condition. You need to fully charge the new battery before the first time use.


Q: What do mAh and capacity mean?

mAh is a short form of milliamp hours which defines the battery's total capacity.( (1Ah = 1000mAh). The higher the mAh, the longer your battery can last between charges.


Q: What should I do with my old battery?

We do recommend you to recycle the old and non-working batteries.

You may find more information at


Q: I don’t know how to replace the battery for my model.

Please send email to We will tell you how to replace the battery for your model.

Battery for Compaq Avilion ZE5634US-DU916U, OmniBook XE4, XE4000, XE4100, XE4100-F4641HC

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