Battery for Compaq Presario 1200, Presario 1200AN, Presario 1200AP, Presario 1200AP-470011-846

Brand: Cameron Sino

Product Code: CS-CP1200_1

Availability:In stock

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Battery Specification:

  • Capacity: 4400mAh
  • Type: Li-ion
  • Voltage: 14.8
  • Dimension: 148.00 x 77.30 x 20.10mm



  • 12 months manufacturer warranty
  • 100% Compatible with original manufacturer equipment including chargers
  • No memory effect, you can charge the battery at anytime
  • Battery can be charged more than 500 times
  • With CE, ISO9001 and RoHS certification


Compatible Fit Model:


Presario 1200, Presario 1200AN, Presario 1200AP, Presario 1200AP-470011-846, Presario 1200AP-470011-847, Presario 1200AP-470011-848, Presario 1200AP-470015-558, Presario 1200AP-470016-373, Presario 1200AP-470021-192, Presario 1200AP-470021-205, Presario 1200AP-470021-207, Presario 1200CA, Presario 1200CA-1200CA, Presario 1200CL, Presario 1200EA, Presario 1200EA-470016-814, Presario 1200EA-470016-815, Presario 1200EA-470016-816, Presario 1200EA-470016-817, Presario 1200EA-470017-499, Presario 1200LA, Presario 1200LA-470013-575, Presario 1200SC, Presario 1200SRP-470013-553, Presario 1200SRP-470016-807, Presario 1200SRP-470018-783, Presario 1200SRP-470020-327, Presario 1200SRP-470020-329, Presario 1200SRP-470020-333, Presario 1200SRP-470020-334, Presario 1200SRP-470020-335, Presario 1200SRP-470020-351, Presario 1200SRP-470020-360, Presario 1200SRP-470020-364, Presario 1200SRP-470020-366, Presario 1200SRP-470020-386, Presario 1200SRP-470020-390, Presario 1200SRP-470020-402, Presario 1200SRP-470020-404, Presario 1200SRP-470020-407, Presario 1200SRP-470020-424, Presario 1200SRP-470020-427, Presario 1200SRP-470020-440, Presario 1200SRP-470020-441, Presario 1200SRP-470020-444, Presario 1200SRP-470020-449, Presario 1200SRP-470023-468, Presario 1200T, Presario 1200T-12XL, Presario 1200T-12XL2, Presario 1200T-470017-081, Presario 1200TC, Presario 1200TH, Presario 1200US, Presario 1200XL, Presario 1200-XL102, Presario 1200-XL104, Presario 1200-XL105, Presario 1200-XL106, Presario 1200-XL107, Presario 1200-XL108, Presario 1200-XL110, Presario 1200-XL111, Presario 1200Z, Presario 1200Z-1200Z A/900, Presario 1200Z-225168-999, Presario 1200ZA, Presario 1200ZA-1200Z A/1.0G, Presario 1201AP, Presario 1201AP-470013-578, Presario 1201EA, Presario 1201S, Presario 1201Z, Presario 1202EA, Presario 1203CL, Presario 1205EA, Presario 1206R, Presario 1207, Presario 1210, Presario 1210CA, Presario 1210EA, Presario 1210JP, Presario 1210LA, Presario 1210US, Presario 1211CA, Presario 1211EA, Presario 1211LA, Presario 1212CL, Presario 1212EA, Presario 1213CL, Presario 1213EA, Presario 1214, Presario 1214EA, Presario 1214FR, Presario 1214NE, Presario 1214SR, Presario 1215, Presario 1215EA, Presario 1215US, Presario 1216, Presario 1216EA, Presario 1216JP, Presario 1216UK, Presario 1216US, Presario 1217JP, Presario 1219JP, Presario 1220, Presario 1221, Presario 1230, Presario 1232, Presario 1234, Presario 1235, Presario 1236, Presario 1237, Presario 1240, Presario 1242, Presario 1244, Presario 1246, Presario 1247, Presario 1250, Presario 1255, Presario 1256, Presario 1260, Presario 1266, Presario 1267, Presario 1270, Presario 1275, Presario 1277, Presario 1278, Presario 1279, Presario 1280, Presario 12XL125, Presario 12XL126, Presario 12XL127, Presario 12XL128, Presario 12XL201, Presario 12XL204, Presario 12XL220, Presario 12XL223, Presario 12XL3, Presario 12XL300, Presario 12XL300B, Presario 12XL302, Presario 12XL304, Presario 12XL310, Presario 12XL320, Presario 12XL323, Presario 12XL325, Presario 12XL326, Presario 12XL327, Presario 12XL330, Presario 12XL400, Presario 12XL401, Presario 12XL403, Presario 12XL404, Presario 12XL410, Presario 12XL420, Presario 12XL423, Presario 12XL426, Presario 12XL427, Presario 12XL430, Presario 12XL500, Presario 12XL501, Presario 12XL504, Presario 12XL505, Presario 12XL510, Presario 12XL510A, Presario 12XL526, Presario 12XL527, Presario 12XL530, Presario 1600S, Presario 1600-XL1, Presario 1600-XL140, Presario 1600-XL141, Presario 1600-XL142, Presario 1600-XL143, Presario 1600-XL144, Presario 1600-XL145, Presario 1600-XL146, Presario 1600-XL147, Presario 1600-XL150, Presario 1600-XL151, Presario 1600-XL152, Presario 1600-XL153, Presario 1600-XL154, Presario 1600-XL155, Presario 1610, Presario 1611, Presario 1620, Presario 1621, Presario 1622, Presario 1625, Presario 1626, Presario 1640, Presario 1650, Presario 1655, Presario 1660, Presario 1670, Presario 1672, Presario 1675, Presario 1680, Presario 1681, Presario 1685, Presario 1687, Presario 1688, Presario 1690, Presario 1692, Presario 1693, Presario 1694, Presario 16XL141, Presario 16XL255, Presario 16XL256, Presario 16XL257, Presario 16XL258, Presario 1800EA, Presario 1800FR, Presario 1800LA, Presario 1800US, Presario 1800-XL1, Presario 1800-XL180, Presario 1800-XL181, Presario 1800-XL186, Presario 1800-XL190, Presario 1801S, Presario 1802FR, Presario 1805, Presario 1810, Presario 1820, Presario 1825, Presario 1827, Presario 1830, Presario 18XL191, Presario 18XL192, Presario 18XL280, Presario 18XL380, Presario 18XL390, Presario 18XL580, Presario 18XL590, Prosignia 150


Compatible Part Number:


116314-001, 138184-001, 176778-001, 176780-001, 176780-B21, 177458-001, 222114-001, 222117-001, 234232-B21, 239817-001, 292560-001, 292861-001, 293768-001, 293768-002, 293817-001, 293876-001, 330936-001, 330985-B21, 331020-001, 347732-001, 347736-001, 388644-B21, 388647-001