Battery for Compaq Presario X1000, X1000-DE185AV, X1000-DE186AV, X1000-DE707AV, X1000-DK454AV, X1001US

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Battery Specification:

  • Capacity: 4400mAh
  • Type: Li-ion
  • Voltage: 14.8
  • Dimension: 128.50 x 103.30 x 20.00mm



  • 12 months warranty
  • 100% Compatible with original manufacturer equipment including chargers
  • No memory effect, you can charge the battery at anytime
  • Battery can be charged more than 500 times
  • With CE, ISO9001 and RoHS certification


Compatible Fit Model:


Presario X1000, Presario X1000-DE185AV, Presario X1000-DE186AV, Presario X1000-DE707AV, Presario X1000-DK454AV, Presario X1001US, Presario X1001US-DK575A, Presario X1001US-DK575AR, Presario X1002US, Presario X1002US-DM771A, Presario X1002US-DM771AR, Presario X1005EA, Presario X1005EA-DL681A, Presario X1005LA, Presario X1005LA-DL858A, Presario X1006EA, Presario X1006EA-DM933A, Presario X1007EA, Presario X1007EA-DL964A, Presario X1010AL-DR830A, Presario X1010CA, Presario X1010CA-DL857A, Presario X1010CA-DL857AR, Presario X1010EA, Presario X1010EA-DL963A, Presario X1010US, Presario X1010US-DK571A, Presario X1010US-DK571AR, Presario X1011AL-DR831A, Presario X1012AL-DR832A, Presario X1012EA, Presario X1012EA-DL965A, Presario X1012QV, Presario X1012QV-DN585A, Presario X1012QV-DN585AR, Presario X1015US, Presario X1015US-DN624A, Presario X1015US-DN624AR, Presario X1016EA, Presario X1016EA-DM415A, Presario X1018CL, Presario X1018CL-DK574A, Presario X1018CL-DK574AR, Presario X1020EA, Presario X1020EA-DM416A, Presario X1020US, Presario X1020US-DK572A, Presario X1020US-DK572AR, Presario X1021AP-DN582A, Presario X1022AP, Presario X1022AP-DN583A, Presario X1023AP, Presario X1023AP-DN584A, Presario X1026AP-DN587A, Presario X1027AP-DN588A, Presario X1028AP-DN589A, Presario X1028CL, Presario X1028CL-DL898A, Presario X1028CL-DL898AR, Presario X1029AP-DN600A, Presario X1030AP-DN591A, Presario X1030US, Presario X1030US-DM773A, Presario X1030US-DM773AR, Presario X1031AP, Presario X1031AP-DN592A, Presario X1032AP, Presario X1032AP-DN593A, Presario X1033AP, Presario X1033AP-DN594A, Presario X1034AP, Presario X1034AP-DN595A, Presario X1035AP, Presario X1035AP-DN596A, Presario X1036AP, Presario X1036AP-DN597A, Presario X1037AP, Presario X1037AP-DN598A, Presario X1038AP-DN599A, Presario X1039AP, Presario X1040AP, Presario X1040AP-DN601A, Presario X1040US, Presario X1040US-DM774A, Presario X1040US-DM774AR, Presario X1041AP, Presario X1041AP-DN602A, Presario X1042AP-DN603A, Presario X1043AP-DN604A, Presario X1044AP, Presario X1044AP-DN605A, Presario X1045AP-DN606A, Presario X1046AP-DN607A, Presario X1047AP, Presario X1047AP-DN608A, Presario X1048AP-DN609A, Presario X1049AP-DN610A, Presario X1050AP-DN611A, Presario X1050CA, Presario X1050CA-DP485U, Presario X1050CA-DP485UR, Presario X1050US, Presario X1050US-DM777A, Presario X1050US-DM777AR, Presario X1051AP, Presario X1051AP-DN612A, Presario X1052AP, Presario X1052AP-DN613A, Presario X1053AP, Presario X1053AP-DN614A, Presario X1054AP, Presario X1054AP-DN615A, Presario X1055AP, Presario X1055AP-DN616A, Presario X1056AP-DN617A, Presario X1057AP-DN618A, Presario X1058AP, Presario X1058AP-DN619A, Presario X1058CL, Presario X1058CL-DP487U, Presario X1058CL-DP487UR, Presario X1060AP-DN620A, Presario X1061AP-DN621A, Presario X1062AP, Presario X1062AP-DN622A, Presario X1063AP, Presario X1063AP-DN623A, Presario X1064AP-DN625A, Presario X1065AP-DN626A, Presario X1066AP-DN627A, Presario X1067AP-DQ973A, Presario X1068AP-DQ974A, Presario X1069AP-DQ975A, Presario X1070AP-DQ976A, Presario X1071AP-DQ977A, Presario X1072AP-DR268A, Presario X1073AP-DR269A, Presario X1074AP-DR270A, Presario X1075AP-DR271A, Presario X1076AP-DR272A, Presario X1077AP-DR273A, Presario X1078AP, Presario X1078AP-DR274A, Presario X1079AP, Presario X1079AP-DR275A, Presario X1080AP, Presario X1080AP-DR276A, Presario X1081AP-DR277A, Presario X1082AP-DR278A, Presario X1083AP-DR279A, Presario X1084AP-DR280A, Presario X1085AP-DR281A, Presario X1086AP-DR282A, Presario X1087AP, Presario X1087AP-DR283A, Presario X1088AP-DR284A, Presario X1089AP-DR285A, Presario X1090AP-DR286A, Presario X1091AP-DR287A, Presario X1092AP-DR822A, Presario X1093AP-DR823A, Presario X1094AP-DR824A, Presario X1095AP-DR825A, Presario X1096AP-DR826A, Presario X1097AP, Presario X1097AP-DR827A, Presario X1098AP-DR828A, Presario X1099AP-DR829A, Presario X1100, Presario X1105EA-DP771E, Presario X1110EA-DP773E, Presario X1115EA-DP774E, Presario X1140EA-DP772E, Presario X1155EA-DP775E, Presario X1200, Presario X1200-DP613AV, Presario X1200-DP614AV, Presario X1200-DR311AV, Presario X1200-DS829AV, Presario X1201AP-DV770P, Presario X1201US, Presario X1201US-DS466U, Presario X1201US-DS466UR, Presario X1202AP-DV771P, Presario X1203AP-DV772P, Presario X1204AP-DV773P, Presario X1205AP-DV774P, Presario X1206AP-DV775P, Presario X1207AP-DV776P, Presario X1208AP-DV777P, Presario X1209AP-DV778P, Presario X1210AP-DU559A, Presario X1210CA, Presario X1210CA-DS467U, Presario X1210CA-DS467UR, Presario X1210US, Presario X1210US-DS463U, Presario X1210US-DS463UR, Presario X1211AP-DV779P, Presario X1212AP-DV780P, Presario X1213AP-DV781P, Presario X1214AP-DV782P, Presario X1215AP-DV783P, Presario X1216AP-DV784P, Presario X1217AP-DV785P, Presario X1218AP-DV786P, Presario X1219AP-DV787P, Presario X1220AP-DV788PA, Presario X1220EA-DU561A, Presario X1220US, Presario X1220US-DS464U, Presario X1220US-DS464UR, Presario X1221AP-DV789P, Presario X1222AP-DV790P, Presario X1223AP-DV791P, Presario X1224AP-DV792P, Presario X1225AP-DY735PA, Presario X1227AP-DY737PA, Presario X1228AP-DY738PA, Presario X1229AP-DY739PA, Presario X1230AP-DY740PA, Presario X1230US, Presario X1230US-DS468U, Presario X1230US-DS468UR, Presario X1231AP-DY741PA, Presario X1232AP-DY742PA, Presario X1233AP-DY743PA, Presario X1234AP-DY744PA, Presario X1236AP-DY746PA, Presario X1237AP-DY747PA, Presario X1238AP-DY748PA, Presario X1239AP-DY749PA, Presario X1240AP-DY750PA, Presario X1241AP-DY751PA, Presario X1242AP-DY752PA, Presario X1300, Presario X1300-DT683AV, Presario X1300-DT684AV, Presario X1300-DT685AV, Presario X1301AP-PD579PA, Presario X1301US, Presario X1301US-DZ299U, Presario X1302AP-PD580PA, Presario X1303AP-PD581PA, Presario X1304AP-PD582PA, Presario X1305AP-PD583PA, Presario X1306AP-PD584PA, Presario X1307AP-PD585PA, Presario X1308AP-PD586PA, Presario X1309AP-PD587PA, Presario X1310AP-PD588PA, Presario X1311AP-PD589PA, Presario X1312AP-PD590PA, Presario X1313AP-PD591PA, Presario X1314AP-PD592PA, Presario X1315AP-PD593PA, Presario X1316AP-PD594PA, Presario X1317AP-PD595PA, Presario X1318AP-PD596PA, Presario X1319AP-PD597PA, Presario X1320AP-PD598PA, Presario X1321AP-PD599PA, Presario X1322AP-PD600PA, Presario X1324AP-PD602PA, Presario X1325AP-PD603PA, Presario X1326AP-PD604PA, Presario X1327AP-PD605PA, Presario X1328AP-PD606PA, Presario X1329AP-PD607PA, Presario X1330AP-PH261PA, Presario X1360CL, Presario X1360CL-DZ302U, Presario X1360CL-DZ302UR, Presario X1360US, Presario X1360US-DZ297U, Presario X1360US-DZ297UR, Presario X1370US, Presario X1370US-DZ300U, Presario X1370US-DZ300UR, Presario X1390US, Presario X1390US-DZ298U, Presario X1390US-DZ298UR, Presario X1390xx-DZ753AS, Presario X1400-PD699AV, Presario X1400-PD700AV, Presario X1401AP-PH508PA, Presario X1402AP-PH509PA, Presario X1403AP-PH510PA, Presario X1404AP-PH511PA, Presario X1405AP-PH512PA, Presario X1406AP-PH513PA, Presario X1407AP-PH514PA, Presario X1408AP-PA127PA, Presario X1409AP-PA128PA, Presario X1410AP-PA129PA, Presario X1411AP-PA130PA, Presario X1412AP-PA131PA, Presario X1413AP-PA132PA, Presario X1414AP-PA133PA, Presario X1415AP-PA134PA, Presario X1416AP-PA146PA, Presario X1417AP-PA147PA, Presario X1418AP-PA148PA, Presario X1419AP-PA149PA, Presario X1420AP-PA150PA, Presario X1421AP-PA151PA, Presario X1422AP-PA152PA, Presario X1423AP-PF363PA, Presario X1424AP-PF364PA, Presario X1425AP-PF369PA, Presario X1426AP-PF370PA, Presario X1427AP-PF371PA, Presario X1428AP-PF372PA, Presario X1429AP-PH478PA, Presario X1430AP-PH479PA, Presario X1431AP-PD101PA, Presario X1432AP-PN552PA, Presario X1433AP-PN553PA, Presario X1434AP-PN554PA, Presario X1460CA-PF096UA, Presario X1460CA-PF096UAR, Presario X1460US-PF092UA, Presario X1460US-PF092UAR, Presario X1480US-PF093UA, Presario X1480xx-PF843AS


Compatible Part Number:


336962-001, 337607-001, 337607-002, PP2080, PP2082P

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mAh is a short form of milliamp hours which defines the battery's total capacity.( (1Ah = 1000mAh). The higher the mAh, the longer your battery can last between charges.


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We do recommend you to recycle the old and non-working batteries.

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Battery for Compaq Presario X1000, X1000-DE185AV, X1000-DE186AV, X1000-DE707AV, X1000-DK454AV, X1001US

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