Battery for Samsung ES30, ES65, ES67, ES70, ES71, ES73, ES74, ES75, MV800, PL100, PL101, PL120, WB30

Brand: Cameron Sino

Product Code: CS-BP70A_1

Availability:In stock

Battery Specification:

  • Capacity: 740mAh / 2.7Wh
  • Type: Li-ion
  • Voltage: 3.7
  • Dimension: 39.50 x 31.20 x 5.60mm



  • 12 months warranty
  • 100% Compatible with original manufacturer equipment including chargers
  • No memory effect, you can charge the battery at anytime
  • Battery can be charged more than 500 times
  • With CE, ISO9001 and RoHS certification


Compatible Fit Model:


AQ100, DV100, DV101, DV150, DV150F, DV90, EC-MV800ZBPBUS, EC-PL120ZBPBUS, EC-SL50ZZBPBUS, EC-ST65ZZBPUUS, EC-ST95ZZBPBUS, ES30, ES65, ES67, ES70, ES71, ES73, ES74, ES75, ES78, ES80, ES81, ES90, ES91, ES95, MV800, PL100, PL101, PL120, PL121, PL170, PL171, PL20, PL200, PL201, PL21, PL80, PL81, PL90, PL91, SL50, SL600, SL605, SL630, ST100, ST150, ST150F, ST30, ST50, ST60, ST61, ST65, ST6500, ST66, ST67, ST68, ST70, ST700, ST71, ST72, ST75, ST76, ST77, ST78, ST79, ST80, ST88, ST89, ST90, ST91, ST93, ST94, ST95, ST96, TL105, TL110, TL205, WB30, WB30F, WP10'


Compatible Part Number:


BP-70A, BP-70EP, EA-BP70A, SLB-70A