Battery for Panasonic DMC-FS3, HM-TA1H, HM-TA1R, HM-TA1V, Lumix DMC-FS5, Lumix DMC-FS20, Lumix DMC-FS20EG-K

Brand: Cameron Sino

Product Code: CS-BCE10_2

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Battery Specification:

  • Capacity: 1050mAh/3.9Wh
  • Type: Li-ion
  • Voltage: 3.7
  • Dimension: 40.40 x 36.45 x 7.40mm



  • 12 months warranty
  • 100% Compatible with original manufacturer equipment including chargers
  • No memory effect, you can charge the battery at anytime
  • Battery can be charged more than 500 times
  • With CE, ISO9001 and RoHS certification


Compatible Fit Model:


DMC-FS3, HM-TA1H, HM-TA1R, HM-TA1V, Lumix DMC-FS5, Lumix DMC-FS20, Lumix DMC-FS20EG-K, Lumix DMC-FS20EG-S, Lumix DMC-FS20GK, Lumix DMC-FS20K, Lumix DMC-FS20P, Lumix DMC-FS20S, Lumix DMC-FS3, Lumix DMC-FS3A, Lumix DMC-FS3EG-A, Lumix DMC-FS3EG-K, Lumix DMC-FS3EG-P, Lumix DMC-FS3EG-S, Lumix DMC-FS3GK, Lumix DMC-FS3P, Lumix DMC-FS3S, Lumix DMC-FS5, Lumix DMC-FS5EG-K, Lumix DMC-FS5EG-R, Lumix DMC-FS5EG-S, Lumix DMC-FS5GK, Lumix DMC-FS5K, Lumix DMC-FS5R, Lumix DMC-FS5S, Lumix DMC-FX30, Lumix DMC-FX30A, Lumix DMC-FX30EB-K, Lumix DMC-FX30EB-S, Lumix DMC-FX30EB-T, Lumix DMC-FX30EF-K, Lumix DMC-FX30EF-S, Lumix DMC-FX30EG, Lumix DMC-FX30EG-A, Lumix DMC-FX30EG-K, Lumix DMC-FX30EG-S, Lumix DMC-FX30EG-T, Lumix DMC-FX30GK, Lumix DMC-FX30K, Lumix DMC-FX30S, Lumix DMC-FX30T, Lumix DMC-FX33, Lumix DMC-FX33A, Lumix DMC-FX33EB-S, Lumix DMC-FX33EF-K, Lumix DMC-FX33EF-S, Lumix DMC-FX33EG, Lumix DMC-FX33EG-A, Lumix DMC-FX33EG-K, Lumix DMC-FX33EG-S, Lumix DMC-FX33EG-T, Lumix DMC-FX33GK, Lumix DMC-FX33K, Lumix DMC-FX33S, Lumix DMC-FX33T, Lumix DMC-FX35, Lumix DMC-FX35A, Lumix DMC-FX35EG-A, Lumix DMC-FX35EG-K, Lumix DMC-FX35EG-N, Lumix DMC-FX35EG-S, Lumix DMC-FX35EG-W, Lumix DMC-FX35K, Lumix DMC-FX35S, Lumix DMC-FX36, Lumix DMC-FX36GK, Lumix DMC-FX37, Lumix DMC-FX37A, Lumix DMC-FX37K, Lumix DMC-FX37P, Lumix DMC-FX37S, Lumix DMC-FX37T, Lumix DMC-FX37W, Lumix DMC-FX38, Lumix DMC-FX38GK, Lumix DMC-FX38K, Lumix DMC-FX38P, Lumix DMC-FX38S, Lumix DMC-FX38T, Lumix DMC-FX38W, Lumix DMC-FX500, Lumix DMC-FX500EB-S, Lumix DMC-FX500K, Lumix DMC-FX500S, Lumix DMC-FX520, Lumix DMC-FX520GK, Lumix DMC-FX55, Lumix DMC-FX55EB-K, Lumix DMC-FX55EF-K, Lumix DMC-FX55EF-S, Lumix DMC-FX55EG, Lumix DMC-FX55EG-K, Lumix DMC-FX55EG-S, Lumix DMC-FX55GK, Lumix DMC-FX55K, Lumix DMC-FX55P, Lumix DMC-FX55S, SDR-S10, SDR-S10EB-K, SDR-S10EG-K, SDR-S10EG-S, SDR-S10P, SDR-S10P1, SDR-S10PC, SDR-S15, SDR-S25A, SDR-S26, SDR-S26A, SDR-S26K, SDR-S26N, SDR-S26R, SDR-S7EG-K, SDR-S7EG-S, SDR-S7K, SDR-S7S, SDR-S9, SDR-S9EG-S, SDR-SW20, SDR-SW20R, SDR-SW20S, SDR-SW21, SDR-SW21D, SDR-SW21G, SDR-SW21S, SDR-SW28, SV-ME70, SV-ME75


Compatible Part Number:


CGA-S008, CGA-S008A, CGA-S008A/1B, CGA-S008E, CGA-S008E/1B, DMW-BCE10, DMW-BCE10E, RP-BP70L, VW-VBJ10, VW-VBJ10E-K