Battery for Acer Aspire F5 573G, E5-575-33BM, E5-575G-5341, E5-575G-53VG, Travelmate P259-G2-M-30YH

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Battery Specification:

  • Capacity: 5200mAh / 57.72Wh
  • Type: Li-ion
  • Voltage: 11.1
  • Dimension: 265.00 x 47.50 x 19.40mm



  • 12 months warranty
  • 100% Compatible with original manufacturer equipment including chargers
  • No memory effect, you can charge the battery at anytime
  • Battery can be charged more than 500 times
  • With CE, ISO9001 and RoHS certification


Compatible Fit Model:


Aspire E5-575-33BM, Aspire E5-575G-5341, Aspire E5-575G-53VG, Aspire F5 573G, Travelmate P259-G2-M-30YH, Travelmate P259-G2-M-31KT, Travelmate P259-G2-M-31P9, Travelmate P259-G2-M-31VQ, Travelmate P259-G2-M-320X, Travelmate P259-G2-M-32P4, Travelmate P259-G2-M-3497, Travelmate P259-G2-M-349M, Travelmate P259-G2-M-352F, Travelmate P259-G2-M-35SC, Travelmate P259-G2-M-362J, Travelmate P259-G2-M-37VE, Travelmate P259-G2-M-38DP, Travelmate P259-G2-M-38J4, Travelmate P259-G2-M-504Y, Travelmate P259-G2-M-50BT, Travelmate P259-G2-M-50E4, Travelmate P259-G2-M-50JQ, Travelmate P259-G2-M-50KD, Travelmate P259-G2-M-50S5, Travelmate P259-G2-M-51CR, Travelmate P259-G2-M-527R, Travelmate P259-G2-M-52QU, Travelmate P259-G2-M-52TC, Travelmate P259-G2-M-5311, Travelmate P259-G2-M-534A, Travelmate P259-G2-M-53CR, Travelmate P259-G2-M-53JL, Travelmate P259-G2-M-542G, Travelmate P259-G2-M-546J, Travelmate P259-G2-M-54HZ, Travelmate P259-G2-M-54U1, Travelmate P259-G2-M-550L, Travelmate P259-G2-M-55KA, Travelmate P259-G2-M-55N4, Travelmate P259-G2-M-55YX, Travelmate P259-G2-M-566A, Travelmate P259-G2-M-56MW, Travelmate P259-G2-M-56RC, Travelmate P259-G2-M-56ZN, Travelmate P259-G2-M-57M9, Travelmate P259-G2-M-57Q2, Travelmate P259-G2-M-584W, Travelmate P259-G2-M-588H, Travelmate P259-G2-M-58LK, Travelmate P259-G2-M-58QQ, Travelmate P259-G2-M-58UV, Travelmate P259-G2-M-5993, Travelmate P259-G2-M-59B0, Travelmate P259-G2-M-59S5, Travelmate P259-G2-M-725C, Travelmate P259-G2-M-72V5, Travelmate P259-G2-M-72V8, Travelmate P259-G2-M-73P8, Travelmate P259-G2-M-73TT, Travelmate P259-G2-M-73ZC, Travelmate P259-G2-M-74JN, Travelmate P259-G2-M-74KT, Travelmate P259-G2-M-75MP, Travelmate P259-G2-M-772K, Travelmate P259-G2-M-77JL, Travelmate P259-G2-M-78BN, Travelmate P259-G2-M-7943, Travelmate P259-G2-M-79F1, Travelmate P259-G2-M-79UE, Travelmate P259-G2-M-79XH, Travelmate P259-G2-MG- 318X, Travelmate P259-G2-MG-324T, Travelmate P259-G2-MG-33FP, Travelmate P259-G2-MG-34UV, Travelmate P259-G2-MG-5215, Travelmate P259-G2-MG-529W, Travelmate P259-G2-MG-52GE, Travelmate P259-G2-MG-52J4, Travelmate P259-G2-MG-53Y9, Travelmate P259-G2-MG-54WV, Travelmate P259-G2-MG-5578, Travelmate P259-G2-MG-560F, Travelmate P259-G2-MG-58NH, Travelmate P259-G2-MG-73BU, Travelmate P259-G2-MG-73NM, Travelmate P259-G2-MG-74C2, Travelmate P259-G2-MG-74HL, Travelmate P259-G2-MG-757L, Travelmate P259-G2-MG-76V6, Travelmate P259-G2-MG-77H4, Travelmate P259-G2-MG-797Z, Travelmate P259-M-30KX, Travelmate P259-M-30R5, Travelmate P259-M-31JV, Travelmate P259-M-31KM, Travelmate P259-M-32G7, Travelmate P259-M-337K, Travelmate P259-M-34MF, Travelmate P259-M-35AB, Travelmate P259-M-362S, Travelmate P259-M-36EC, Travelmate P259-M-37QS


Compatible Part Number:


AS16B5J, AS16B8J, KT.0060G.001

Battery for Acer Aspire F5 573G, E5-575-33BM, E5-575G-5341, E5-575G-53VG, Travelmate P259-G2-M-30YH

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